International Partner Institutions

The Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing (VPAC), is a state-based HPC Center, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. VPAC has had long-term collaboration with the USA on NSF funded Cyberinfrastructure projects, and extensive project experience in GIS. VPAC works closely and jointly in the CyberGIS project to develop and deploy GIS cyberinfrastructure platforms internationally. Contact: Bill Appelbe
The Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) at the University College London has done extensive research on both the development and application of GIS and spatial analysis/modelling software, recently in the context of e-Science and cyberinfrastructure, developing significant online mapping capabilities linked to state of the art spatial analysis and demographics. The collaboration with CASA focuses on the development of online capabilities for GIS and the visualisation of extensive spatial data. Contact: Michael Batty
cnic_1_.jpgThe Computer Network Information Center (CNIC) is the largest and most comprehensive cyberinfrastructure and e-Science center in China. Several units of CNIC have active and broad programs of developing and supporting software for cyberinfrastructure-enabled scientific problem solving, ranging from high-end computation, data management and analysis, collaboration, to visualization. CNIC works on international collaboration for interoperability of U.S. and China CI and global scientific challenges that often include geospatial elements. Contact: Xiangyang Huang