Project Institutions

Contact: Luc AnselinThe team at the GeoDa Center Geospatial Analysis and Computation, Arizona State University leads the effort of integrating GeoDa and pySAL software into CyberGIS and contributes methodological aspects of the research and the design of CyberGIS software.
Contact: Steve Kopp ESRI, a GIS industry leader, is a partner of the CyberGIS project.
ncsa_1_.jpg Contact: Shaowen WangUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is the leading institution of the CyberGIS project. The project principal investigator (PI) Dr. Shaowen Wang coordinates the entire project, and oversees its research, education, and outreach activities. Specifically, the Cyberinfrastructure and Geospatial Information Laboratory (CIGI) plays a bridging role by linking project members and participants who will establish the innovative and sustainable CyberGIS software framework to gain groundbreaking understanding of coupled natural and human systems. Dr. Anand Padmanabhan serves as the project manager.
Contact: Budhendra L. BhaduriThe team at the division of Geographic Information Science and Technolgy, Oak Ridge National Lab leads the effort of pd-GRASS integration in CyberGIS and contributes to the engagement of pertinent science communities.
sdsc_1_.jpg Contact: Nancy Wilkins-DiehrThe team at the San Diego Supercomputer Center, the University of California San Diego leads the effort of the development and integration of CyberGIS data services based on OpenTopography services, and supports the testing and integration with national and international cyberinfrastructure.
Contact: Timothy NyergesThe University Consortium] for Geographic Information Science (UCGIS) provides a long-term organization umbrella for community engagement and dissemination of CyberGIS software.
Contact: Mike GoodchildDr. Mike Goodchild at the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) chairs the Science Advisory Committeee for guiding the development of collaborations with science communities to promote the adoption and broader impacts of the framework.
Contact: Timothy NyergesThe team at the University of Washington leads the effort of the development and integration of the participatory approach and various education and outreach activities.
Contact: E. Lynn UseryThe team at the Center of Excellence for Geospatial Information Science (CEGIS), the United States Geological Survey (USGS) leads the effort of applying CyberGIS to cartographic research projects for solving large-scale data/compute-intensive problems within the U.S. Geological Survey National Map project.