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 +====== Collaborators =======
 +| {{:digital_padlock_1_.jpg}} |The [[http://www.sciencegatewaysecurity.org/|Distributed Web Security for Science Gateways]] project (PI: [[http://www.ncsa.illinois.edu/~jbasney/|Dr. Jim Basney]], NCSA) is a three-year NSF-funded project for enhancing cyberinfrastructure for research and education by providing common software building blocks for science gateway security.  The project team is developing open source, standards-compliant client and server security solutions that leverages the best-practices already adopted by industry. The CyberGIS project team works closely with them in contributing security requirements from CyberGIS, and helping evaluate and adopting security solutions to facilitate secure CyberGIS software integration process and user-service and service-service interactions in the distributed CyberGIS software environment.|