Call for Participation

The 2013 CyberGIS All Hands Meeting (CyberGIS AHM'13: will take place on the campus of the University of Washington at Seattle, and provide a forum for sharing cutting-edge research, education and training experiences on science and technology of CyberGIS and related scientific problem solving.

The current draft of the program agenda is available at: To foster active participation, we invite submissions of position papers each with approximately 500 words addressing innovative theories, methods, and applications of CyberGIS along with a 2-page resume/biosketch of the first author. The position paper may not exceed 2 pages, and should conform to the following formatting requirements: 1) Times New Roman font type at a size of 11 points or larger; and 2) the margins must be at least one inch on all sides. The organizing committee will review your submission and if selected, will extend you an invitation.

Submissions should be sent via email to with subject 'CyberGIS AHM'13 Position Paper'. The deadline for submission is August 6, 2013 and you can expect to hear back from the committee by August 14, 2013. Contributors of accepted position papers will be invited to present their work at the the meeting. Travel awards will be available for selected participants.

It is anticipated that the CyberGIS AHM'13 will bring together a dynamic group from the institutions, federal agency, industrial and international partners, and collaborators of the NSF CyberGIS project (, and scientists from various geospatial fields. We look forward to a very stimulating and productive meeting!

Best regards,
CyberGIS AHM'13 Organizing Committee.