Symposium on Synergistic Advances of CyberGIS and Geography @ AAG 2014

Organizing Committee:Luc Anselin, Budhendra Bhaduri, Chen-Chieh Feng, Jianya Gong, Diansheng Guo, Michael Goochild, Krzysztof Janowicz, Mei-Po Kwan, Wenwen Li, Timothy Nyerges, Ed Parsons, Sergio Rey, Douglas Richardson, Anand Padmanabhan, Eric Shook, Alexandre Sorokine, Ming-Hsiang (Ming) Tsou, E. Lynn Usery, Shaowen Wang, Nancy Wilkins-Diehr, David White, Dawn Wright, Huayi Wu, and Chaowei Yang

CyberGIS - geographic information science and systems (GIS) based on advanced infrastructure of computing, information, and communication technologies (aka cyberinfrastructure or e-infrastructure) – has emerged over the past several years as a vibrant interdisciplinary field and played essential roles in enabling computing- and data-intensive geospatial research and education across a number of domains with significant societal impact. At AAG 2014, we plan to address synergistic advances of CyberGIS and Geography by building on the success of the CyberGIS Symposium @ AAG 2013 (with 17 paper and panel sessions and active participation from academia, government and industry). To this end, the AAG 2014 Symposium on CyberGIS and Geography is scheduled to take place during April 8-11, and will include a suite of panel and paper sessions.

Panel Sessions

Fostering Synergistic Advances of CyberGIS and Geography
CyberGIS as an Integration Science
CyberGIS Body of Knowledge
CyberGIS Education
Frontiers and Roadmaps - Academic, Governmental, Industrial Perspectives
360-Degree Comparison – CyberGIS and Related (e.g., Cloud GIS, GeoWeb, Internet GIS, Mobile GIS, Online GIS, Spatial Computing, Geospatial and Spatial Cyberinfrastructure, Web GIS, etc.)
Roles of CyberGIS and Geography in Turning Big Data to Rich Data and Knowledge

Paper Sessions

Bridging CyberGIS and Sustainability Sciences
CyberGIS for Collaborative Geographic Sciences
CyberGIS for Complex Geographic Problem Solving
CyberGIS for Taming Big Data
CyberGIS, Linked Data, and Geospatial Semantics
Multi-scale Spatiotemporal Modeling and Simulation
Research Frontiers across CyberGIS and Geography
Synergistic Advances of CyberGIS and Data Sciences

Possible questions and topics addressed by the Symposium include but are not limited to:

How to educate the next-generation workforce with cutting edge CyberGIS and geographic knowledge?
What desirable advances in Geography may not be possible without CyberGIS?
What new research and education frontiers does CyberGIS represent?
What theories and principles of Geography can and should guide the development of CyberGIS?
What are major geographic challenges and questions to fuel CyberGIS innovation?
What are the best approaches to synergistically advancing CyberGIS and Geography?
What scientific breakthroughs does CyberGIS enable that would not otherwise have been possible without it?
Why is CyberGIS a complex systems science?


Cartography Specialty Group
CyberInfrastructure Specialty Group
Geographic Information Systems and Science Specialty Group
Spatial Analysis and Modeling Specialty Group

If you are interested in organizing any sessions as part of the symposium, please contact Shaowen Wang via To present a paper in any of the Symposium sessions, please register and submit your abstract online, and email your presenter identification number (PIN), paper title, and abstract to by December 3, 2013. We look forward to your submissions and participation!